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Step one when selecting laser safety glasses

Check your laser specifications

When choosing your laser safety glasses, pay careful attention to the laser products specifications. It is best done by consulting the laser operating manual or/and a product expert.

Specifications include:

  • Wavelength which is usually specified in nm (nanometers - 10-9m) or µm (micrometers - 10-6m)
  • Laser classification which is referred to as Class 1 (I), Class 2(II), Class 2M, Class 3(III), Class 3B (IIIB), Class 3R, Class 4 (IV)
  • Other specifications depend if it is a pulsed or continuous (CW) laser.
  • Continuous laser: For continuous lasers, the power is typically specified in mW (milliWatts - 10-3W), W(Watts) or kW(kilowatts - 103W)
  • Pulsed laser: If it is a pulsed laser then the pulse energy which is specified in Joules, pulse length in us (microseconds – 10-6s), ns (nanoseconds - 10-9s), ps (picoseconds - 10-12s) or fs (femtoseconds - 10-15s).

Take time to carefully read the operating manual before selecting the appropriate eye protection.

Picking the appropriate pair of safety glasses requires a solid understanding of the standards, specifications and the product itself – consult a product specialist if your unsure.

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