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Selecting Nd YAG Laser Safety Eyewear

When choosing laser safety glasses to protect against Nd YAG lasers there are many different options to consider.  The first thing to determine is if you have just the 1064 nm (infrared) wavelength or if you also require protection against other YAG harmonics such as 532 nm, 355 nm or 266 nm. YAG lasers typically are Q switched and have a high power required for applications such as  tattoo removal, marking/cutting, surgery, ophthalmology and scientific.

If it is just 1064 nm that you need protection against, there are several high visibility and high protection ( OD 7 + ) options such as the LG-228LG-228N and LG-001. You can see more information on these via the below links.

If you require to protect against 1064nm and 532nm, then the LG-003 and LG-003N shown below cover these wavelengths with a high OD 7+.

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