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Selecting Laser Safety Goggles for Tattoo Removal Lasers

Tattoo removal machines typically use high intensity Q Switched Nd Yag lasers (Neodymium Yttrium Aluminum Garnate) which produce very powerful short pulses of laser light with wavelengths of 532nm, 1064nm and sometimes also 755nm.

Due to the very high intensities and pulse lengths tattoo removal laser goggles require very high optical densities over 7+ (10,000,000X attenuation) and correspondingly high L ratings. L ratings determine the ability to withstand certain power intensities up to a period of 10 seconds.

The LG-003 and LG-003N tattoo removal laser goggles both cover 1064nm and 532nm with an OD 7+ and meet the relevant US and international lasers safety standards.

If all three wavelengths are required ie 755nm, 532nm and 1064nm then the LG-338 shown in the below link cover all of these with an OD 7+. You can see more on these below.

If you would like help working out the most appropriate laser safety goggles for your requirements feel free to contact us to talk with one of our laser safety experts.