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Other things to consider when selecting laser safety glasses

  • Always check the eyewear is marked with the relevant specifications that comply with the standards of the country you are in. In addition to US laser safety requirements, Europe and Australia also require that not only are the laser safety glasses marked with wavelengths and optical Densities, but they are also marked with L rating damage threshold specifications. Many cheap laser glasses on the market are not properly labelled or certified – do not purchase if the glasses don’t have this information. See the image below showing the L ratings on the glasses.

  • Always check the laser glasses have the relevant wavelength and optical densities marked on them before using them with your laser. See the image above showing the Optical density specifications on the glasses
  • When using and installing a potentially hazardous laser system, a risk assessment should be undertaken, and the proper engineering controls put in place. This should always be done by an experienced professional. Laser safety glasses are just one of the safety precautions when installing and using laser equipment
  • Each laser and the situation that it will be used in needs to be individually assessed to ensure appropriate safety gear is being used.
  • Be aware of imitations – safety equipment and protecting the integrity of our eyesight is very important and should not be compromised at what might appear to be a cheaper version.