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Medical Grade Holmium 2100 nm laser safety Glasses

The LG-080 laser safety glasses provide a high level of protection against Holmium and Nd YAG lasers used in Urology with excellent visibility making them a good option for surgeons. Full specifications of the LG-080 laser safety glasses can be found below.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions and one of our laser safety experts will be happy to help.

Wavelength & Optical Density

1010-1500nm OD 7+

950-1010nm + 1500-2350nm OD 5+

2800-10600nm OD 5+

850-2800nm OD 3+

900-2600nm OD 4+


950-1000 DIR LB5 CE

>1000-1063 DIR LB6

>1063-1400 D LB6 + IR LB7

>1400-2500 DIR LB4

2900-3200 DI LB4

10600 DI LB4