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LG-009 Fitover CO2 Laser Safety Glasses

The LG-009 Fitover CO2 laser safety glasses work well with or without prescription glasses underneath and have adjustable legs and side shields. The large lens size allows them to fit-over almost all types of prescription glasses. With an optical density of 7+ (10,000,000X) at the CO2 laser wavelength of 10,600nm or 10.6 microns they provide a very high level of protection.

More information on the LG-009 fit over CO2 laser safety glasses can be found at the below link.

Protection (Wavelengths & Optical Densities) - Marked on Glasses

10,600nm (10.6micron) - OD 7+

190-398nm - OD 7+

Visible Light Transmission - 93%

CE-EN207 L-Rating 190-315 D LB7 + IR LB4
>315-398 DIRM LB5
9000-11000 DI LB3

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