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Laser safety glasses for low power 635 to 660 nm Red lasers

The LG-006 laser safety glasses provide a low OD 1.5 which corresponds to just over 30X reduction of power. They are designed to be used primarily with visible red lasers operating in the wavelength range from 635 nm up to 700nm and power levels from 5mW up to 30mW.

By reducing the power of a 30mW laser down by just over 30X it becomes the equivalent of a class 2 eye safe laser while still allowing visibility of the laser for alignment purposes.

More information on the LG-006 laser glasses can be found via the below link. Alternatively feel free to contact us at and one of our laser safety experts will be happy to help.

Full specifications can be found below.

Protection (Wavelengths & Optical Densities) - Marked on Glasses

630-700nm - OD 1.5+

190-380nm - OD 5+

Visible Light Transmission - 39%

CE-EN207 / EN208 Rating

D 180-315 L6
R 180-395 L4
D >315-395 L4
.01W 2*10-6J 605-675 R1
.1W 2*10-5J 676-695 R2