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Laser safety glasses for 450 nm blue lasers wrap around

The LG-005N laser safety glasses protect against all wavelengths from 190 through to 532 nm with a very high OD 7 level of protection.  OD 7 is 10 million times reduction of power.

They have L ratings marked on the glasses as well as ODs and wavelengths covered making them compliant will all US and international laser safety standards.

More information can be found via the below link or if you have any questions feel free contact us at and one of our laser safety experts will be happy to help.

Full specifications can be found below.

Protection (Wavelengths & Optical Densities) -Marked on Glasses

190-532nm - OD 7+

Visible Light Transmission - 48%

L-Ratings (Marked on glasses) 

D 180-315 L7 IR 180-315 L4 DM>315-532 L5 IR >315-532 L6