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Laser Safety Eyewear for fibre optics and telecom

When selecting laser safety eyewear to protect against fiber optics / telecom lasers they typically need to protect against wavelengths from 850 nm through to 1700 nm ( with 1300 nm, 1310 nm & 1550 nm being the most common).

The filters used in the protective eyewear come in two basic types. Polycarbonate lenses have the advantage of being lightweight and lower cost however they don't have as high visibility as filter glasses lenses which are clear to look through. The clear filter glass lenses can be crucial where colour recognition is essential.

The LG-008s, LG-008 and LG-008L shown in the below link are made using polycarbonate lenses and the LG-080, LG-024 and LG-024s use filter glass lenses. All options are fully certified to US and worldwide laser safety standards with L ratings marked on the lenses.

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