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Holmium CO2 YAG laser safety goggles

The LG-024 laser safety goggles protect against 2100 nm with an OD 4+.  They also protect against 1064 nm ND yag lasers with an OD 7+ and 10600 nm CO2 lasers with an OD 6+.

More information on the LG-024 can be found via the below link.  If you have any questions feels free to contact us at and one of our laser safety experts will be happy to help.

Protection (Wavelengths & Optical Densities) - Marked on Glasses

870-950nm OD 4+

950-1000nm OD 5+

1000-1550nm OD 7+

1550-2750nm OD 4+

2800-11000nm OD 6+