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Fiber optic laser glasses to go over prescription glasses

DiOptika offers a range of fitover style fiber optic laser safety glasses suitable to be worn over prescription glasses.

The LG-008L fiber optic laser glasses are the most popular type and have a wide lens / frame allowing them to work well with or without prescription glasses underneath.  They provide a high level OD 5+ LB5 protection and cover the telecom wavelengths of 830 nm , 850 nm , 1700 nm , 1550 nm , 1500 nm , 1310 nm , 980 nm.

Full specifications of the LG-008L are shown below.

  • 800-1700nm - OD 5+
  • 190-420nm OD 4+
  • Visible Light Transmission 29% (Green)

800-1100 DIR LB5 1100-1700 DIR LB4

To see more information on the LG-008L or to order online go to the below link.

If you have any questions on the most appropriate laser safety glasses for your requirement please contact us at and one of our laser safety experts will be happy to help.