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Choosing the right laser eyewear for patients

If the laser eyewear is  for use by the client / patient, then there is the option of using laser safety glasses, or a total blockout laser eye shields. The option chosen will depend on the treatment and specification of the laser equipment. The blockout eye shields come in many different varieties, from reusable eye shields to disposable eye shields. Typically, blockouts can be used with a wide range of wavelengths with high levels of attenuation. If close work needs to be done around the eyes or nose, the eyewear obstructing regions to the face that needs to treated also should be accounted for. Some eye shields allow the option of moveable nasal and side attachments, so that work can be done around these areas. Once again careful assessment needs to be done as to who will be using the eyewear and for what purpose. Client or patient comfort is also an important consideration if they are to be wearing them for extended periods of time.

For more information on reuseable laser eyeshields see the below link.  Alternatively email us at to discuss your requirements with one of our laser safety experts.