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Choosing 1064nm YAG Laser Safety Glasses

Nd YAG lasers have the ability to produce many different wavelengths however the most common is 1064nm which is used in laser cutting, marking, surgery and scientific research.

Generally YAG 1064nm lasers are Class 4 meaning that laser safety glasses with a high level of protection are required. Typically an OD ( Optical Density ) of 6 or 7. All  1064nm YAG laser glasses should be marked with L ratings which test their ability to withstand a direct hit from the laser for 10s without burning straight through.

DiOptika offers a variety of glasses specifically for protection against 1064nm YAG lasers. The options listed below all have an optical density of 7+ (>10,000,000X attenuation) and are fully certified to US and International laser safety standards.

If you have any questions on which YAG laser safety glasses are most suited for your requirements feel free to contact us and one of our laser safety experts will be happy to help.