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Choosing 1064 nm laser goggles

There are many options available when looking for 1064 nm laser goggles.  Generally there are two main types of laser filter used to protect against 1064 nm:  Polycarbonate lenses and filter glass lenses.

1) Polycarbonate lenses tend to be lightweight and come in a variety of filter colours.  If you only need to protect against 1064 nm and no other wavelengths then it is possible to get a clear filter such as the ones used on the LG-228 or LG-228N laser goggles.  If you also need to protect against other wavelengths outside of 1064 nm then the lenses are likely to have a colour.

2)Filter glass lenses offer the greatest level of visibility out of the two options which is often desirable.  They are heavier than the polycarbonate lenses and tend to be more expensive.

It is important to ensure that the laser goggles have the appropriate L ratings , wavelengths and optical densities marked on them which are required to meet the standards.

For the full range of 1064 nm laser goggles click here.  Otherwise feel free to contact us and one of our laser safety experts will be happy to help.