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1070 nm Fiber Laser Safety Glasses

Marking and cutting fiber lasers typically produce wavelengths of 1064nm or 1070nm. The high power levels used, requires high optical densities of 6+ or 7+. With an optical density of 7+ LG-001 laser glasses are a good option for use with 1064nm and 1070nm fiber lasers. In addition to the high level of protection they also provide excellent visible light transmission (VLT) of 59%. The L ratings, wavelengths and optical densities are written on the glasses which are required to meet Australian laser safety standards.

For more information on the LG-001 please click on the links below.

Full specifications on the fiber laser safety glasses can be seen below. If you have any questions or would like to talk with one of our laser safety specialists please email us at

Wavelengths and ODs (Marked on Glasses)

L-Ratings (Marked on Glasses)

808-840 DIRM LB4
>840-950 + >1070-1090 DIRM LB5
>950-1070 D L6 + IRM LB7