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1064 nm Laser Safety goggles for over prescription glasses

The LG-001 laser safety goggles provide a high level of OD 7 protection at 1064nm.  They are a universal fit that goes over the top of prescription glasses.

They are fully certified to US, European and international laser safety standards.  Motre information can be found via the below link. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on and one of our laser safety experts will be happy to help.

Yag Laser Safety Glasses & Goggles USA (


Protection (Wavelengths & Optical Densities) - Marked on Glasses

1064nm - OD 7+

950-1070nm - OD 7+

1080-1090nm - OD 5+

840-950nm - OD 5+

808-840nm - OD 4+

190-400nm - OD 5+

Visible Light Transmission - 59%


808-840 DIRM LB4
>840-950 + >1070-1090 DIRM LB5
>950-1070 D L6 + IRM LB7